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Magnetic Walls

It is now possible to make from a small section to an entire wall a changeable graphic area using the power of magnets! You prepare the wall once either with easily installed self adhesive magnetic sheeting or by painting with a magnet receptive primer so the double sided magnetic sheeting can be installed and completely removed leaving the original wall and paint untouched. Once the wall is prepared, the magic is in the thin easy to handle and install printable substrate that has the magnet receptive backing. With a huge range of looks from a photo like polyester to various fabrics and even dry erase or chalkboard finishes! The benefits this type of product are many.

  • Shipping costs for the lightweight, rolled media is low.
  • Installation can be done by existing store staff due to the ease of handling.
  • The graphics can be rolled up and saved for future use, allowing seasonal themes.
  • Multiple graphics can be overlapped, so new offers or products can be added to the existing background image anytime.

So how does it work? Click HERE for a video demonstration. Need a quote? Click HERE or call 800-714-8071